Get movie and episode streams in JSON format.

With our SuperEmbed API you can get streaming links in JSON format and store them to your database. If you don't want to use our player embedded via iframe you can use our API.

SuperEmbed API provides you the same links we use in our player. You can store the links to your database and integrate them to your website, for example create your own player or search engine.

API Guide

How to use our API.

API Documentation

Full API documentation is available on our Apiary page. Check this documentation to know everything about how our API works.

Open Apiary Documentation

Simple API call examples

Request movie by IMDB id:
Request movie by TMDB id:
Request episode by IMDB id:
Request episode by TMDB id:
Fulltext search by title:

max_results - maximum results per server (1-5).
query - url encoded search query (can't be empty).
All results are sorted by quality and date.
Each URL is valid for 48 hours and then expires. To refresh URLs just make another API call that will always give you fresh URLs.
Don't call our API for every visitor, instead store results to your database and update them once per 48 hours.
Rate limiting is set to 10/10 - maximum 10 requests per 10 seconds per IP.

Why we don't provide direct links

As you can see our API doesn't provide direct links to streaming servers (eg. instead you get link to a page where you can play the requested movie or episode.

If we provided direct links people would just abuse our API to scrape all links and reupload them to their accounts.

Are there any ads?

There is one popup ad from us to cover servers costs and keep the service free. Ad level on all video streaming servers is set to the lowest level possible (0% earnings and usually just 1 popup). If you see more than 1 popup or notifications before or while playing video - those are ads from video streaming servers and we can't control them.